Benefits of CBD for dogs

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Benefits of CBD for dogs

Endocannabinoid system of a dog
A dog and a human have a similar endocannabinoid system. This system regulates all body organs, mood, pain, and emotions. The cannabinoids present in cannabis plants impact the endocannabinoid system of dogs in a similar way to humans.
Potential benefits of CBD oil for dogs
Studies show that CBD is advantageous for dogs. It decreases anxiety, alleviates chronic pain, reduces inflammation and seizures. Other potential benefits of CBD for dogs include treating depression, loss of appetite, sleeplessness, and glaucoma. Although research is still underway, several products have been introduced for dogs, such as treats, tablets, liquid products, and chews. Following are the potential benefits of CBD on dogs:
Reduces seizures

In earlier studies, researchers used CBD to decrease seizures due to drugs and electric shocks in animals. Recently, the impact of CBD oil on seizures in dogs has been tested. The results showed that CBD effectively reduces seizures as it caused the blood pressure to be maximum when the tests were being conducted. CBD oil has proved to be useful for humans who were resistant to anti-seizure drugs; hence there is high hope that it will work for dogs as well.

Reduces inflammation and pain

CBD oil is always given to dogs with painful syndromes such as cancer, back pain, and illnesses such as arthritis to reduce pain and alleviate inflammation. CBD oil limits the production of substances that cause inflammation and boosts anti-inflammatory chemicals in the dog's body. Studies conducted on various types of dogs with arthritis suggest that CBD proved that it worked to relieve the pain. Most of those dogs exhibited enhanced mobility after using CBD. Even though concrete evidence is absent, studies conducted on mice suggest that CBD oil also reduces pain caused due to inflammation. It also reduces swelling, nerve pain, and pain in the bones due to cancer.

Controls anxiety

Four factors lead to anxiety in dogs: confinement, fear, aging, and separation. Although studies on CBD oil's impact on reducing anxiety in dogs have not been conducted yet, CBD oil has shown great potential to reduce anxiety in humans and other animals.

Enhances heart health

Even though studies are underway, experiments on aesthetic dogs have shown that CBD maintains blood pressure within healthy limits, enabling dogs to have a steady heartbeat. CBD oil is devoid of fatty acids, making it an ideal product for reducing stress and regulating blood pressure in dogs.

Reduces nausea

CBD oil is strongly recommended for dogs that have a lower appetite due to drugs and diseases. It also reduces nausea and enhances appetite. CBD oil reduces vomiting.

Side effects and risks of CBD oil

As there is no officially prescribed dose of CBD oil for dogs, an increase or decrease might lead to minor side effects. Hence it is advised that the vet is consulted to prescribe the necessary dosage, which varies from one dog to another. The possible side effects which may appear in dogs include:
● Digestive problems such as diarrhea, constipation, lack of appetite, and vomiting
● Dry mouth due to thirstiness
● Fluctuations in blood pressure and heart rate