Can CBD really help your sex life?

Can CBD really help your sex life?-Grow Guru Ltd

Can CBD improve sex life?

What is Libido?


Libido is a person's sexual drive. It is affected by psychological, medical, and physiological factors. Sex hormones and neurotransmitters maintain libido. CBD boosts the libido levels in the body, resulting in a greater sexual desire in its consumers.


How does CBD work?

To comprehend how CBD impacts sexual life, it is important to look at researchers' views on the function of CBD on the body in general. The human body has receptors that are a part of the endocannabinoid system, which can be considered the lock and CBD can be considered key or the cause of activation.
CBD stimulates the ECS to unlock the receptors, which causes the body to respond to prevent inflammation and other problems such as anxiety.

What are the sexual benefits of CBD?

CBD helps with the following sexual issues:

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

According to a journal article in BioMed Research International, Ayurveda professionals used Cannabis sativa, the plant, which is the source of CBD, for several years to boost their sex life and ejaculatory function.

One way in which CBD helps Erectile Dysfunction is by relaxing the blood vessels, thus boosting blood transport. Improved blood transmission to the penis eases ED and encourages sex, which lasts longer than usual. According to a study, CBD reduces blood pressure, thus improving blood circulation in the penis.

Dyspareunia and other pain-related conditions

Dyspareunia is a condition in women that results in painful sex. This makes sex unenjoyable and reduces its pleasure. Its symptoms include pain at the time of penetration, chronic pain while thrusting, and long-lasting post intercourse pain.
Cannabidiol creates an anti-inflammatory impact and quickly relieves pain in the body. CBD can also reduce the pain caused during and after intercourse making sex more desirable.

According to a testimony of a woman suffering from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a condition that causes chronic muscular spasms, a CBD lubricant has improved her sexual performance. It has done so by relaxing her muscles, thus making sex more enjoyable.

Low sex drive

A theory suggests that cannabis influences one’s desire to have sex. A study conducted in 2017 on CBD users proved that CBD activated the segments of participants’ brains that regulate sexual desire. Thus, it was concluded that cannabis may prove to be helpful for people who have a low sex desire.


Approximately 1.5 million women in the United Kingdom have endometriosis. This disease causes pain in the tissue lining the uterus while this tissue is growing at the uterus's outer side. Endometriosis harms the sexual performance and the experience of intercourse on the patient's sexual partner. Research shows that CBD can reduce the pain induced by endometriosis, thus improving its patients' sex life.

What else does CBD impact during sex?

CBD may potentially reduce anxiety. Many factors can make one anxious before and after sexual intercourse, such as body image, desire to please the partner, etc., which can reduce the sexual desire in both males and females. Hence, consuming CBD may result in making one feel relaxed and increase the pleasure of intercourse.

In addition to boosting sexual desire, CBD also increases blood circulation to tissues and enhances nervous sensation. Thus, a dose of CBD may result in more enjoyable sexual intercourse and help in attaining orgasm.