Benefits of CBD for athletes

Benefits of CBD for athletes-Grow Guru Ltd

Can CBD enhance the performance of people such as athletes?

Athletes put an enormous amount of physical and mental stress on their bodies. Although stress created by training improves performance, trauma, which is induced physically, leads to multiple injuries and chronic pain. Medicines have fatal side effects; hence people are questioning whether CBD can improve athletes' performance.

At the start of 2018, CBD was removed from the list of prohibited substances for athletes by the World Anti-Doping Agency. Hence it is legal for athletes to use CBD.

Why would athletes use CBD?

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) present in the body maintains homeostasis and regulates neurons. Consumption of CBD increases the activity of ECS in the body of an athlete. Due to greater pain caused by stress inflicted on an athlete's body, the existing ECS activity cannot control the side effects of enormous stress. Hence using CBD ensures that ECS receives the neurotransmitters under control, thus regulating homeostasis.

When categorized, CBD the following benefits for athletes, which enhances their performances.

Reduces inflammation and oxidation:
If it occurs at abnormal levels, inflammation can lead to chronic pain, uneasiness, and a gain in weight. An athlete cannot afford to experience all of these negative side effects as they hamper his/her performance. Recovering from inflammation is a slow process, and for that, athletes usually shift their focus towards NSAID's which is not a viable option.

A study conducted in 2010 proved that cannabinoids or CBD have "anti-inflammatory" properties. These characteristics ensure that inflammation is maintained under normal levels.Cannabinoids bind to the CB2 receptors found in the brain and create the anti-oxidation effect by decreasing cytokine production.

Furthermore, athletes must stay protected from oxidation. Sufficient antioxidant dosage is crucial but oxidative buildup can be avoided in the first place. Studies show that CBD can increase glutathione levels, which is a natural antioxidant present in our bodies. This way, CBD decreases stress caused by oxidation more efficiently than Vitamin E or C.

Lesser oxidation means decreased soreness in muscles and better functioning of the immune system. Also, Glutathione boosts insulin sensitivity, which means that athletes can improve the utilization of carbs.

CBD reduces stress:

CBD causes a reduction of stress in athletes. Athletes are faced with stress, which needs to be overcome and get adapted to. Ensuring that overtraining is prevented and freshness is maintained by carefully striking a balance between rest and work is difficult. Most times, athletes are stressed due to overtraining.

CBD makes this much easier. A daily dosage from 10-20 milligrams of CBD allows athletes to overcome stress constraints. They push themselves beyond limits, and this increases their performance.

CBD improves sleep:

When athletes sleep more, there is a greater chance for their performance to improve and achieve greater gains from their training. It also gives their muscles enough time to recover.

Improving sleep is one of the most prominent effects of CBD. Athletes often face trouble sleeping; hence CBD is promising to improve their performances. It lowers hormones that create stress, such as cortisol, which might hinder sleeping cycles, making it easier for athletes to sleep.

Unlike traditional sleeping pills, CBD does not activate the receptor system; thus, it does not result in dizziness when athletes are active.
Athletes who consume CBD state that it becomes easier for them to sleep and have a peaceful and restful sleep at night.

CBD promotes muscle relaxation:

Athletes often face cramps in their muscles due to the accumulation of lactate after a workout. This hinders even the day-to-day activities such as climbing the stairs.

CBD boosts the recovery process of muscles as it acts as a muscle relaxant. It acts like one by impacting a system that calms the body down. Runner's World CBD and stretching and foam rolling are possible treatments for tendonitis injuries in the knees.

CBD can relieve Pain:

Research shows that cannabis is efficient in decreasing pain in athletes. This pain can include musculoskeletal pain caused by exercise and stubborn joints.

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